Dänische Kekse, 2019, 6 channel sound installation,
28 min loop, loudspeakers (exciter), cookies

2011, sound installation
Drawing board (ca. 150 cm x 80 cm), audio loop (11.44 min), loudspeakers (exciter), player + amplification.

o.T. (Glitzern, Staub & Rauschen)
, 2011, sound installation
Size variable, duration endless, fans, tin cans, glass, styrofoam, contact microphones, amplification, speakers with resonant objects.

o.T. (communication)
, 2000, sound installation, 44 min audio loop
Two black boxes, which are placed in a dark room and "communicate" with each other. This happens with short electronic noises and light signals. Once they are engaged in a rhythmic 'talk', then they begin to quarrel or 'talk' at cross-purposes.